Makeup Haul!

I have been waiting patiently for this to come in the mail. I’ve been stalking the mail man since I found out that it’s been shipped. As I’ve said before, I don’t splurge unless I love the products. I love Younique products and they just came out with a few new products I had to try! I made the money conscious decision of purchasing a Collection because I calculated my savings.

Let’s get right into it!

SAMSUNG CSCThis little box brought me so much joy 😉

So what was inside? Only all these amazing products!

SAMSUNG CSCIn this set you get:

  1. Moodstruck 3D Fiberlash Mascara
  2. Lip Pencil (I got Primal shade)
  3. Eye Pencil (I got Proper shade)
  4. One fantastic sharpener
  5. 2 Mineral pigment eye shaddow’s (I got Awestruck & Provoked)
  6. Mineral Touch Pressed Powder (Taffeta shade)
  7. Stiff Upper Lip Stain (I got Sultry shade)
  8. Beachfront Bronzer (Sunset shade)
  9. Amazing Younique makeup bag that has built in pockets for your brushes

First, I pretty much started with a blank canvas. Just concealer and primer.


Next, I only used the Mineral Touch Pressed Powder and the Bronzer. I was really happy with the texture and coverage of the powder. It was very soft! The bronzer had a little shimmer but not too much.



Next, I started playing with the mineral pigments. I kind-of expected an explosion of powder when I opened them but the powder was not as loose as some of the cheaper brands I’ve tried.



Next, I applied some eye liner and regular mascara…


Then, I did something awesome…I used my 3D Mascara! I also applied a neutral lip. I’ve been using this 3D Mascara for a while and it’s my favorite. All my girlfriend’s use it and all my colleagues at work. Everyone is hooked on it! It literally makes your lashes look so much longer and it’s water resistant!


Finally, I wanted to check out the Lip Stain but it would be too much together with my eye makeup so I wiped that off. Be warned though, this is a lip stain; it will stay exactly wherever you put it! I also used my Lip Pencil. Younique lip pencils are great. If you get a neutral color, you can use it all over your lips and NEVER re-apply during the day.



One of my favorite part about shopping at Younique is their Monthly Kudos. This month, when you spend $75, you get $10 Y-Cash! That’s pretty awesome.

If you like this set, it is called Show Stopper and the link to order is below.


Curious what information about you is out there? You may be surprised!

Why I Cried During Wonder Woman



Now let me be clear about something, I am not the most emotional person known to mankind. I shy away from movies that feel that heavy, I steer more towards action and science fiction. You’ll never catch me curled up on the couch watching The Notebook with a glass of wine. I’m just not that kind of gal.

That being said, as I sat with my daughter in my lap in the theaters of the Wonder Woman movie, a strange feeling came over me. An unexpected feeling I really still cannot describe, it gave me the chills. I was fighting back tears. These weren’t tears of sadness though. Nope, I was fighting back tears, feeling quite ridiculous, during the fight scenes of this movie.  The scenes that I typically live for.

My five year old was fixated in awe at this strong, commanding woman while she clutched her Wonder Woman action figure tightly. She whispered in my ear, “I think Wonder Woman is the strongest ever.” I softly replied, “she is baby, isn’t she wonderful?”

I began looking around at all the other little Wonder Woman’s dressed in their hero’s costume gazing with their full hearts of joy and admiration. Then the scene of no man’s land begun. Aloof or perhaps unaware to the shock of men around her that desired to protect her and couldn’t imagine a woman wishing to be within the heart of the battle. When Diana enters into the heart of the battle alone, taking all of the gunfire without hesitation, she just commands so much power in that scene, charging towards enemy forces.  She fought every stereotype that women can’t be heroic, selfless, strong, fearless and commanding. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t dainty or sexy, it was everything it needed to be. It was powerful. Goosebumps shot up my body as tears welled up in my eyes.


When I think back to my personal hero’s as a young girl, I don’t think I can even remember one. That isn’t to say there haven’t been many, many that should have been but there’s something magical about a mythical hero such as Diana Prince.

She didn’t “run like a girl” or “hit like a girl” like many of us were taught. She was selfless but not egotistic, just matter of fact.

Perhaps, my daughter and many others will grow up believing that we aren’t such fickle, modest and weak creatures. I’d love to see that day.

I realized that this woman is exactly what we all needed, like a sigh of relief…finally!

Finally, there’s a character that portrays women fairly amongst all other superheros.

If you think superheros are just not that important to children, think again. Ask any child that wishes to be a firefighter or a police officer, what it is that their chosen profession entails. What they’ll describe to you is a gripping tale of fighting bad guys and saving innocents, much like what they see in the movies with their heroes. It matters.


So thank you Gal Gadot for being the woman we all needed to see. For being a part of a movie that little girls can truly relate to. When my daughter runs around the yard with her shield and sword fighting invisible bad guys instead of dressing up dollies, I know you had a little part of that.

wonder woman

On a side note:

What makes Gal Gadot such an amazing fit for this role also comes from her own combat experience. She was a combat instructor in the Israeli army.  She also studied at law school and is a mother of two daughters. Not to mention her grandparents are Holocaust survivors, which if you watch the movie, is also relevant to her character.  Now how much do you love her more? You go girl, you really are Wonder Woman!


The Everlasting Debate of a Women’s Outfit



The past few years of my life have been eye-opening for me. I’ve watched friends of mine subjected to harsh criticism over their appearance from their spouses, been a part of many heated discussions about what my daughter will be “permitted” to wear with her father and watched the world turn against mother’s who breastfeed publicly.

A heated discussion arose today with my ex regarding what his daughter will be permitted to wear once she’s reached adolescence. Through this discussion, I pointed out that had I birthed his son, there would be no discussion about his attire. He asked me if I would let my daughter, at the age of 12 walk out of the house in a mini-skirt. I replied, yes.


Now before anyone tears me to pieces, let’s us women, look back on our adolescence for a minute while I tell you about mine. In my family, my school and amongst my peers, I (along with all western girls) were taught some basic rules from a young age about what was appropriate for me to wear. How someone could get the wrong idea about me or how I could appear to be older or more sexually developed, but most importantly, how dangerous that was.

I can recall the age when grown men began to watch me more closely or smile at me flirtatiously, I was 14. I can even recall being out to dinner with my parents, standing in line for a buffet where a man had started a conversation with me and his spouse glared at me with jealousy. Myself and my family can tell stories about how I told quite a few men that I was, “just 14.”

All the while, my outfit was that of any other typical 14 year old girl at the time. No I assure you, no breasts, ass or otherwise were exposed. I was, of course, flattered that an adult man would have any interest in little me, it made me feel pretty and desirable. I told all my friends as my mother clenched her jaw at the idea.

At that age, the most exciting thing about becoming a woman would be the interest that it brought from boys and occasionally, men. I reveled in the idea that I could be considered sexy someday. All the while, all those around me continued to tell me to contain my body as not to encourage this flirtatious behavior from others.


In middle school, my skirt had to reach the bottom of my fingertips when I put my hand to my side. My tanks tops couldn’t have straps thinner than two fingers width.  I suppose twelve year old’s have particularly sexually suggestive legs and shoulders. If that isn’t humiliating enough, we would be pulled out of class if we didn’t follow these rules. Because it is totally logical that girls should be interrupted from their studies so they don’t distract the boys from theirs.

You see, the problem with constantly reminding young girls that their bodies are “sacred” or to be “modest” is that we are teaching girls and boys equally, how a woman’s body is a sexually arousing place. Never once did I catch a glimpse of the shoulders or legs of a boy and think…oh my god, that is incredibly sexy. We have tricked ourselves into thinking that women’s breasts are actually obscene rather than something that men and women both possess.

This concept of modesty reinforces the idea that women have something to hide on their bodies in the first place. Something so desirable that teenage boys will trick or persuade young girls to send them nude pictures, just to catch a glimpse. While her peers will call her a whore for having sent them.

We live in a society that finds teenage boy’s hyper sex drive humorous while girls are loosing their virginity, before they truly wish to, just to earn love. She’ll pay a huge price for it, being deemed a slut, public criticism of her lack of sexual knowledge, pregnancy or sexual diseases. Often, girls such as myself believed that my best quality, my only means of catching a guy or keeping him, was my sexuality.

So when my daughter’s father asked me why I would let my future 12 year old leave the house in a mini skirt, the answer is that my job is to teach her that her body is not obscene. Her confidence should come with how beautifully she shines from within. I cannot steal her freedom of expression through how she dresses. I’ll teach her not to buy into the notion that what you wear should define who you are.

If more parents taught their children these concepts, there might come a time where a woman’s legs, shoulders, stomach or breasts don’t exhibit any sexual obscenity. Because, as many statistics will show you, young girls who dress more modestly are still not less likely to be molested. In fact, as the following statistics will show, our society has a particularly unhealthy view of the innocence that young girls possess.


  • Most popular word searched on PornHub in 2014: teen (although not always #1 every year, it is always ranked in the top 3)
  • According to Glasgow University in the UK, 38% of young girls regret losing their virginity so young. The same study shows that 1/5 of those girls felt pressured to have sex.
  • According to Cornell University, the majority of women first experience harassment (catcalling) between the ages of 11-17.
  • According to Utah State University Sexual Assault and Anti Violence Information

– Myth: Rape victims provoke the attach by wearing provocative clothing

– A Federal Commission on Crime of Violence Study found that only 4.4% of all reported rapes involved provocative behavior on the part of the victim. In murder cases 22% involved such behavior (as simple as a glance).

– Most convicted rapists do not remember what their victims were wearing.

– Also according to Utah State University, “Nation-wide, one-third of college men reported they would rape a woman if they knew they would not get caught.”

  • How young do we begin to teach “modesty” to our little girls? Do a quick Google search and you will find thousands of websites attempting to teach your toddler girl, modesty. Dr. Meg Meeker, M.D. suggests that you start to instill sexual modesty in girls alone (no mention of boys modesty in the article at all after kindergarten ages) in early elementary school years. She also recommends that mother’s and father’s should both chime in about their daughter’s clothing choices.


Now that we’ve established that you’re not protecting your daughter by teaching her modesty, let’s hope that instead, we teach boys and girls that your dignity isn’t tied into your clothing and everyone deserves respect. Women are not sex machines.


If you feel like reading a nauseating article titled: Why we owe it to our sons to teach our daughters modesty, I’ll just leave this right here…

Why we owe it to our sons to teach our daughters modesty




Irrelevant People

Our society is filled with Irrelevant People


I can’t seem to get through one day without coming across an article that makes my stomach turn. Adolescents that commit suicide due to bullying, a homeless man that is stabbed and left on the sidewalk while more than 20 people pass him and do nothing, people that are showed no humanity or empathy without the media’s assistance.

We have all read articles about the horrendous things people do to each other on a daily basis, we all think,

“I would never do that”

But don’t we? Don’t we all lack empathy and drive to give a damn about anyone other than ourselves?

  • Have you ever driven down the freeway and wouldn’t let someone in your lane? Have you double parked in a busy parking lot because you just don’t want to get a door ding?
  • Have you ever passed a homeless person and didn’t so much as make eye contact?
  • What about immigrants? Do you honestly believe that people will leave their country, hop the border illegally with hardly any possessions, leaving most of their family behind just to steal your tax dollars? Do you care that most undocumented immigrants are only seeking a stable life for their families?
  • Have you ever been so jealous of another person that you tried to diminish their self-worth?
  • Have you ever given up your seat for an elderly person?
  • Have you ever offered to do something nice for a veteran, other than just simply stating, “thank you for your service.”
  • Have you considered that your waitress might be having a terrible night and your measly tip for what you considered to be “mediocre service” was all that she could offer because she might have mid-terms and a baby at home, running off of 4 hours sleep.

We, as adults have a mentality of, “well at least it isn’t me.”  We sit behind our computers and spit negativity at each other and pass judgments on how others live their lives.  Why do we do this? Because, everyone other than ourselves and the people closest to us are irrelevant. Why do adolescents have such a difficult time with bullying and where do bullies learn this behavior from?

I’m not a psychologist but it seems pretty evident to me. We bully each other as adults. When your son or daughter is in the car with you and you cut someone off on the freeway. Or when you’re screaming at the poor woman on the other end of the line at AT&T because your precious television isn’t working properly. You have just taught your child, “that person doesn’t matter.”

Most parents spend a great deal of time telling their children how smart they are or how talented they are. How they are special and loved. Once these children reach adolescence, it’s a harsh reality check that you don’t matter as much as you thought you did. People are harsh and cruel to each other, much like those bullies in school.

How do we combat this lack of empathy and worth of the people around us that we don’t know?

We become aware. We think outside of the box. We display empathy and make eye contact with people we don’t know. We listen to people and their stories. 

I challenge you to not just teach your children that THEY are important, smart, special and loved but that ALL children have these qualities. This is how I believe, we will reach greater heights as a society.

5 Tips for Taking Better Pictures

I invested in a nice camera this year, courtesy of my refund check. I decided that I wanted to be able to capture precious moments in beautiful quality so that every time I looked at them, I could relive that memory. The problem is that having a “professional” camera doesn’t mean that you take great photos. There is a lot more to it. I am no photographer but I have been taking better photos since I began using these tips.

♥ 1. Try to fill the photo with the subject or subject’s as much as possible.

When we look at photos of your kids, we don’t really need to see the couch they are sitting on.


 ♥ 2. Try to get your subject in softer more natural light.

Most of us know that natural light takes better pictures but did you know that better pictures are taken on cloudy days or out of direct sunlight?


 ♥ 3. Use your flash during the day.

If you are taking a photo of someone in harsh sunlight, you’ll notice a lot of shadows in your photo. Sometimes, this is unflattering. By using your flash, you alleviate some of those harsh shadows.


♥ 4. Don’t check your camera after every picture.

Every time you check your camera to view your shot, you could be missing out on a better moment to take the picture. Snap a few one right after the other and check them later.


♥ 5. Go for simple backgrounds

When you’re taking a picture and there is a lot going on, it’s difficult to appreciate the picture. Capture one moment at a time.


That’s all for today! I hope this helps you! Let me know in the comments if you have another amateur trick!

‘It is obvious that people here are poor. It is less obvious that someone made them that way.’

This is an incredible piece. It show’s just how corrupt a political system can be. These people have been treated so poorly, it makes my stomach turn.

So I made a video with some thoughts I had during my recent work-trip to Uganda.

I have a knot in my stomach putting this kind of shit online. Another white guy, in another African country, broadcasting another set of un-earned conclusions. The whole point I’m trying to make in the video is that I have no idea what I’m talking about, but maybe that means I should have just not talked at all.

Anyway, now it’s out there, embarrassing but irrevocable, just like the rest of the internet. Next time, I’ll try making one of these I don’t feel the need to apologize for.

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Pin-up Hair, Makeup and Clothing…on a budget!

Hello lovely ladies!

If any of you have ever dabbled in the “pin-up” craze; but don’t have the funds to furnish that wardrobe, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Rockabilly/pin-up clothing can be expensive, but luckily for you, I have found ways to successfully create the look without the expense. All items I’ve posted are under $40. I have also added a video that will show an easy pin-up makeup & hair combo that anyone can do!

Firstly…your staple “pin-up” items

1. High-waisted jeans

You can purchase high-waisted jeans in a lot of stores. What you’re looking for is; flat color(no shimmer, sparkle or fading), no tears or embellishments (unless we’re talking buttons),tight fitted, ankle length or pedal pushers. You can even roll up these jeans at the bottom and it looks awesome!

high waisted

2. High-waisted shorts

The key to these shorts are that they should be: short but still “lady-like.” Meaning, short but not so short that you have to continually pull them down to cover your tushy. Feel free to go with patterns and bright colors. Just again, no tears or fading. Also, shorts don’t have to be tight 🙂

polka dot shorts

3. Feminine blouse

I tend to wear…tight fitting with loose fitting. So if I’m going to wear a loose blouse, I will wear it with tight pants and vice versa.


tight shirt blouse,default,pd.html,default,pd.html,default,pd.html

4. Cardigans

The trick with cardigans is that…again, they be tight and short. Bold colors and prints are perfect!

Screenshot 2015-04-22 at 11.39.48 PM

5. The pencil skirt

These should be tight and high waisted. They should always hit at or below the knee.

Screenshot 2015-04-22 at 11.43.06 PM,default,pd.html

6. Something leopard

Screenshot 2015-04-22 at 11.47.33 PM

7. A beautiful vintage dress

Screenshot 2015-04-22 at 11.49.20 PM Screenshot 2015-04-22 at 11.51.44 PM

8. Some classic pumps

Screenshot 2015-04-22 at 11.56.34 PM

There you have it. Check out the video below to see me put the pin-up hair and makeup into action. I had to cut a lot of it, turns out I talk a lot.

3D Mascara Tutorial

So this is my 3D Fiberlash Mascara tutorial. I was asked how to use it, and here it is!

You’re going to have to mind my facial expressions while putting the mascara on. I don’t think there is a pretty way to do it!


I hope that answer’s your questions. If you want to order the product shown, you can go directly to:

Curious what information about you is out there? You may be surprised!