Boots, Elf and NYX Makeup Review

♥ Elf: Tone Adjusting Face Primer – $3


Review: It’s difficult to tell from the picture but this primer has a green undertone. Firstly, I am well acquainted with products intended to neutralize red undertone. I have acne prone skin and also oily/combination skin. Primer is absolutely necessary for skin like mine. I was really hoping that this product would work decently well so that I can stop using my more expensive primer.

So here is my official review:

– This primer did little to neutralize the natural redness in my skin.

– The texture was very soft and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily at all.

– It did hold up my makeup for most of the day but didn’t hold back the oily complexion at all.

– This product is awesome for the price though. It was only $3 and I will get use out of it.

– Allowed my makeup to go on smoothly and helped the fine lines under my eyes look less apparent.

– This product is probably really good for a regular daily primer if your skin is dry or normal.

♦ Would I buy it again? Probably, if I was really strapped for cash and I ran out of my expensive primer. (Which is bound to happen)

♥ NYX Conceal.Correct.Contour – $11 – $14


Review: Firstly, it’s important to remember that I do not regularly have time to contour my makeup. 99% of the time, it’s not gonna happen. But; occasionally, when I’m out for a nice dinner or at a nice bar, I like to look like I put some manor of effort into my appearance. I typically love NYX products and own a bunch of them.  Because It’s rare that any of those events occur, I am not going to blow $40 on an expensive Contour set.

Here is my official review:

– It is a very, very thick product. Now, I know that any form of concealer is normally thick but this is like wallpaper paste. I thought about getting out my lacquer thinner to get it off.

– This also means that if you have any wrinkles, it is going to expose them! I used a really good primer and my normal routine which involves eye cream before using this product.

– The good news? It covers everything, other than wrinkles. Your face literally looks perfect and of course your cheekbones look amazing.

– The product is pretty good for the price and if you can just avoid your “wrinkled” areas, you’ll probably do just fine. Use your regular concealer for under eyes.

♦ Would I buy it again? Probably not, the price is really good but I don’t really like products that thick.

♥ Nº7 Beautifully Matte Makeup Up Base $9 – $13


I love Boots products. I used them when I was in Europe and I’m so glad they’re here in America now. One of those nice “beauty consultants” in Target convinced me to purchase this item. She let me try a little on my hand and I loved how smooth it felt and how nice my hand looked.

Here is my official review:

– The texture is amazing, much like a fluffy, soft pillow on your face.

– A little goes a long way. I literally use a tiny dab for my whole face.

– It keeps the shine away. It’s was designed to provide matte coverage and it delivers.

– It keeps my makeup on all day long

– It is actually supposed to regulate oil production, I’m not 100% sure it does though. It’s hard to tell.

– Do not use it under your eyes, it does not disguise fine lines, at all.

♦Would I buy it again? Yes, I have had it for over a month and It looks like I haven’t even touched it. The product is great and it lasts!

This photo is a picture I took when I used the NYX Contour makeup. As you can see, it very much looks like I globbed cake frosting on my face and attempted to blend. The product is too thick…yuck.


I hope you like this review. Feel free to comment about any of the products or my review of them.

Curious what information about you is out there? You may be surprised!

2 thoughts on “Boots, Elf and NYX Makeup Review

    • Firstly, part of my beauty regime involves a lot more moisturizer at night since it does’t really matter if my face looks a bit shiny at night.
      Secondly, I use Clean & Clear Moisturizer for my morning routine.
      Thirdly, Retinal creams are proven to fight acne. I use ROC retinal creams as well. It can help prevent wrinkles so you will age gracefully.

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